My name is Sadie Jeffery and I am an Interdisciplinary artist focusing on Graphic Design. In 2024 I will graduate from Stevenson University with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing. My current interest is event design this including invitations, announcements, videography, and photography. Check out some of my portfolio work below! I look forward to hearing from you!

Red Homicide was one of my Printmaking projects, focusing on increased homicide rates in cities.

As a child who grew up in the city, I remember that when there was a cookout the whole neighborhood was invited. The neighborhood was like a family. This piece reads “Who Invited Homicide to the Cookout”. This meaning who invited city crime into our neighborhoods.

For this piece I drew inspiration from graphic designer Judy Lichtman.

This piece was created using letter press, relief, and screen printing.

Downtime with Dogs was an event held by Stevenson University’s Tri-Beta. One of the members reached out to me to help create a flyer to advertise the event.

Their request was to incorporate a Star Wars theme since their event took place on May 4th.

I created this flyer in Adobe Illustrator.

For this graphic design project, my class broke up into groups to help an engineering class give their health bracelet an image. The concept of the bracelet is marketed towards health care providers and colleges students to help keep track of their health.

I was part of the marketing team with the job of creating an advertisement centered towards health care workers.

I created this advertisement in Adobe Illustrator.

Image pulled from Unsplash.

This project was centered around my choice of target market with the goal of obtaining real client experience. I chose the market of the wedding industry with the focus on invitation design. To achieve real client experience, I chose to work with family friends Tammy and Sal.

Tammy and Sal were married in the beginning of 2022 and kept it intimate. Tammy and I’s goal was to create some work that she could potentially one day use for a larger wedding celebration.

Tammy loves the idea of Winter weddings, with the unique touch of having Fall colors. These designs complimented our vision perfectly.

These designs were created in Adobe Illustrator.

These designs are from a brand redesign for Randy’s Mobile Auto Detailing and Pressure Washing. To help modernize Randy’s logo I changed aspects like font, positioning, and color. Randy has a very old school and traditional sense of style which we wanted to portray in his branding.

Randy especially liked having the elements of the rainbow bubbles and the water splash added to his branding.

These designs were created in Adobe Illustrator.

These are photographs I had taken at the wedding of Dr. and Mrs. Frenkel! The Frenkel’s wedding was very small and intimate. I wanted to ensure I captured very sweet moments for the couple that they could cherish forever.

These photos were captured with an iPhone 13 Pro Max and were edited in Adobe Lightroom.